Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cement Plant's Dust Continues to Threaten Local Residents

Dust from the CEMEX cement plant in Lyons, Colorado continues threaten local residents, despite repeated pleas from families, enforcement actions from the state, and a barrage of negative attention on the cement plant.

Our partners, the St. Vrain Valley Community Watchdogs, have been at the forefront of working to hold CEMEX accountable. Today, the Watchdogs posted pictures showing more dust problems at the cement plant.

This isn't harmless dust we're talking about. Cement dust is not only extremely fine, fine enough to be breathed into the very bottoms of our lungs, but is exceptionally hazardous. Increased cancer risk, difficulty breathing, wheezing, abdominal pain, burning sensations, and long-term lung damage are just a few of the harmful effects of breathing cement dust.

The sad thing is not only are cement plants required by federal law to prevent their dust from polluting our air, but it's extremely easy to control dust. This is yet another perfect example of CEMEX's disregard to human health and environmental protection. It's no wonder that groups across the country are mounting a campaign to hold CEMEX accountable.

CEMEX has had chance after chance to clean up their act, yet failed time and time again. Rocky Mountain Clean Air Action feels that CEMEX has worn out its welcome. With such consistent disregard to the health of their neighbors, it may be time for CEMEX to shut down and get out of town.


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