Monday, February 05, 2007

Catching Up or Left in the Dust?

The Colorado Air Pollution Control Division claims it is playing "catch up" when it comes to protecting clean air from oil and gas drilling in western Colorado, but we can't help but wonder whether the Division will just be left in the dust on all this.

The signs of impending air pollution problems in western Colorado have been obvious for years.

Brown clouds, toxic fumes, and hazy skies have been the norm for some time now. In most western Colorado counties, oil and gas developments release more pollution than all other human-made sources, including vehicles, combined. What's more, studies elsewhere in the west have linked oil and gas drilling to foul and unhealthy air in Denver, western Wyoming, and northwestern New Mexico.

According to an article in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, the Air Pollution Control Division now wants to "study" the problem more.

We're all for learning, but at some point we need to take what we learn and put it to use. The Air Pollution Control Division has a wealth of information in its hands right now to justify ratcheting down on air pollution from oil and gas development. The need for more information will always exist, but it can't be used to subvert or delay clean air protection.

We hope the Division is not being subversive, but we're not so sure. We need results and we need clean air, not more delay. We hope the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division rises to the challenge.


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